Ready to help young people wage peace?

There's no other more comprehensive evidence-based, technology supported, program like ours in the world.

We Empower Groups to Equip Young People as Effective & Passionate Changemakers

Let’s make it easier for you to transform children & youth as they improve their community & world using our YPC model.

Young Peacebuilders Clubs (YPCs) are one of the most effective ways to nurture peacebuilding passion, skill, and action in young people. YPCs support children and youth as they discover violence, inequality, and neglect, and then create projects that wage peace in their local community and around the world. In doing so, young people collaborate to create a more peaceful future. YPCs are student-led and adult supported. Make your work easier with online, printable and constantly improving YPC training and evaluation tools and services. Then, you can better focus on the young people you want to empower.

Why use a YPC Membership?

In a world with so much violence, we urgently need more young people with peacebuilding passion & skill.

  • Comprehensive Training

    Online and downloadable training materials for children, youth and adults developed with young people and experts.

  • Engaging and Fun

    Interactive and enjoyable training activities for all members of your team.

  • Safeguarding

    Child protection training & tools are included in every course. E-signed consent forms & policies help protect children & organizations.

  • Easy

    All the tools you need to get started straight away. Access reports, forms, training & more through one simple platform on your phone & desktop.

  • Evidence

    A proven model contextualized around the world can help build your brand. Baseline, endline, & project evaluation tools & reports help you share your success.

  • Constantly Improving

    We continue to update our resources & expand services based on user feedback.

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